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This page will give you a detail of what each section of our family tree represents. Let’s begin by telling you a little bit about ourselves.

Avanceon began in 1984, with a primary focus on electrical design, Programmable Logic Computer (PLC), controls, automation, and Human Machine Interface (HMI). By the 1990s, we began to expand, adding additional services in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions (SCADA) world, ISA-88 (S88) Batching, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with a focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)/Performance, Traceability/Operations, Statistical Process Control (SPC)/Quality, and, lastly, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration. In the early 2000s, we incorporated 24×7 support with root cause resolutions, and resource augmentation. By the 2010s, we realized that upgrading equipment wasn’t enough. Technology was changing and our clients needed to be trained and educated by the new methods installed in their factories. Furthermore in the 2020’s, we added Machine Learning/AI and industry 4.0 and data analytics expertise to our skillsets.
Now that you know a little bit about us, let’s break down VINCI and its subgroups and where we fit in their significant organization:
VINCI Group is, as of 2022, the 13th largest company in France, right behind L’Oreal and Sanofi. It is a significant global player when it comes to construction, energies, and concessions sectors. VINCI has revenue of about 65 billion USD, has a presence in 120 countries, and over 219,300 employees worldwide.
One of VINCI Group’s top divisions is VINCI Energies focusing on high tech solutions for the marketplace, making up about 30%, or 17.6 billion USD, of VINCI Group’s revenue. It also houses 85,700 employees in 1,800 different business units in 57 countries. It is broken down into four categories:

Omexom: Infrastructure; Making up 28% of VINCI Energies.

VINCI Facilities: Building solutions division; Making up 26% of VINCI Energies.

Axians: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); Making up 18% of VINCI Energies.

Actemium: Industry; Making up 28% of VINCI Energies.

The Actemium network brand is a major player in accelerating the operational performance of industrial processes by driving Digital Transformation and energy optimization solutions. Actemium offers multi-technical sustainable solutions and services for the complete industrial life cycle. It consists of 22,500 employees in 400 business units in 41 countries around the globe. Avanceon is one of Actemium business units inside of North America.
Within North America, Actemium has a number of business units in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In the US, Actemium is located in Atlanta, Detroit, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania (aka Avanceon). In Canada, there are in three separate facilities in Toronto and one in Nova Scotia. Lastly, in Mexico, there is one office in Queretaro a suburb of Mexico City.
Avanceon and our other Actemium business units in North America are a growing player in the region and look to leverage the full breadth of VINCI to the benefit of our customer base. There is strength and innovation in numbers.