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A primary issue cited by batch manufacturers is a lack of consistent product. Consistent product can only be created when control of all aspects of the batch process is established and continuously managed. To tackle this problem, Avanceon has developed a consistent batch solution and philosophy based upon common software standards, terminology, and control models. The ISA Batch Control Standard S88.01 provides a template for a “Best Practice,” but some additional structure is needed to address the realities of the plant environment’s dynamics. Through our practical application of standard models and terminologies, batch recipe execution and reporting can be clearly managed. Standard models allow for configurable batch components to be assembled, achieving consistent product. The implementation of S88.01 requires training to consistently interpret the standards and achieve the best value in practice. Avanceon can assist you in applying the S88.01 standards based on your own process. We can also deliver pre-defined templates used by many Fortune 100 manufacturers.

Regardless of the approach to S88 that you choose, be it a PLC based batch solution or a PC based software platform such as Wonderware’s InBatch, Avanceon has the expertise to consistently deliver the “Golden Batch.”

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Batch Rock Star Moment
Our Avanceon engineer went to the customer to implement a batch-making change. But when he got there, he found that someone had inadvertently wiped out all the software components that would have made the change possible. Well, our job was to make sure the change occurred, and that’s what we set out to do. Our guy stayed up all night, pieced together information from a backup we had made for the customer, and fixed everything. Our Rock Star took care of the implementation, and the customer was able to run production again in the morning. More moments