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Digital Transformation is a vague and scary sounding industry term. It implies a large effort to go from where you are today with your Operational Technology layer to some distant destination where H.A.L. 9000, humanoid robots and the Oasis’s IOI rule the land.

In reality, Digital Transformation and adoption of the value of Industry 4.0 doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can “Transform Digitally” by using the same structure of projects and other initiatives. It is as simple as executing the process of “Plan – Do – Check – Adjust” and focus on action and results.

Set a structure to prioritize transformation of areas of opportunity based on the best options for ROI. (i.e. you may want to consider getting data and knowledge in the hands of your key people first vs. redoing your entire architecture).

Execute in phases, first in Pilot Mode, then afterwards with Rollouts.

Gather feedback on the phase from all those affected.

Take the feedback, address the current phase, tie it into the overall Plan and move forward to the next priority.


At Avanceon, we about helping you get Digital transformation results now. It is not about coming up with some grand plan with tons of investment. Rather, it is about getting the ROI now and building upon that to advance you on your Industry 4.0 journey.
Some Avanceon examples to inspire your thoughts of how to leverage Industry 4.0 for Digital Transformation:
IIoT and Cloud to reduce labor
IIoT solution for a chemical manufacturer using low cost wireless Ethernet I/O to collect critical safety and environmental signals coupled with cloud based logic software allows the manufacturer to reduce physical shift coverage for their “rounds” during off hours. The system saves tens of thousands of dollars annually.
“Free” Visualization Tools to Improve Efficiency
Dashboard visualization solutions for a top food and beverage company using their “free” Power BI visualization that mines existing data and provides the operators access to information to adjust how they execute batches and packaging to improve operations.
Light OEE to Improve Production
Cloud based OEE application for one CPG manufacturer that gathers info from a few existing points of data and added a handful of additional Ethernet I/O points to create a complete view of the production efficiency allowing them to target waste and production leaks.
Analytics to Improve the Process Control
Machine learning application deployment that analyzes the performance of all the PID control loops in the plant to predict their reactions and suggests new tuning parameters to improve performance and efficiency of their operations thereby saving energy and processing time.