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Avanceon has over 20 years of experience working with small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 CPG companies that manufacture everything from toothpaste to roofing adhesive. We pride ourselves on being agile and adaptable enough to augment any project team, providing exactly the necessary services and expertise.

Improve Your Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing

Avanceon has the experience to handle almost any situation and plan the most effective and efficient way to address the process. Flexible and dependable solutions provided by Avanceon enable CPG manufacturers to handle seasonal and event-driven demand fluctuations as well as marketing-driven packaging and product changes. Avanceon will determine if the traditional Waterfall development process is ideal or not for the customer’s needs and can adapt to an iterative or agile methodology.
Avanceon is used to complying with standards determined by the customer and has also developed its own distinguished set of standards for each of its applications to give each customer’s project the established standards it needs. These standards have been so well received from past clients that they have adapted them as their own.
Even a full-integrated system requires support, especially for the long production cycle of CPG. Avanceon offers a 24×7 emergency support service through online remote diagnostics that can ensure production efficiency is kept at its highest potential.


Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Solutions

Avanceon delivers a wide variety of solutions to the consumer packaged goods market including:

PLC and HMI/SCADA software development, including batch and continuous processes, packaging lines, and machine control
MES integration, including order entry and tracking, reporting, OEE calculation and interface to ERP systems
Automation consulting services, including platform upgrades, standards definition, production rate analysis and process optimization, and many other topics
Electrical Design and fabrication of control panels
Test Protocol development and execution, including Installation, Operational, and Process Verification / Qualification
Specification development, including collaboration to define User Requirements, as well as Functional and Design Specifications. Includes all areas of GAMP documentation, such as Risk Assessments and Design Qualification.
Team Consistency – Working with it isn’t enough. You need to know it.
CPG Rock Star Moment
There’s a lot that contributes to making a system integrator into a trusted advisor: but one component definitely is comprehensive knowledge of your customer systems. For example, when one of our CPG customers lost some key people in the middle of a 3-year project, Avanceon served as a constant stabilizing presence. Our flexibility, extensive knowledge of the process and production, and careful project documentation kept it on track and on-time, even as the schedule kept changing. More moments

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