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MES Implementation

The key to solving the challenges facing manufacturers today is the ability to accurately view what is happening on the factory floor. This visualization capability can be achieved through the implementation of the selected facets of a manufacturing execution system (MES).  MES provides the ability to understand and manage the complexities of the modern manufacturing process. MES enables the potential for efficiency savings in areas such as scheduling, inventory control, product traceability, downtime, uptime, product specification management, and key performance tracking.

Avanceon can support manufacturers in the complex lifecycle implementation of an MES application from conceptualization and value mapping, system and requirements definition, technology selection, pilot, implementation, and rollout to all plants and lines. Avanceon focuses on your people and how the new system will impact their lives and ensure their acceptance and ownership.  With this emphasis on change management and the human element, Avanceon supports all phases of the MES implementation and provides a superior project methodology to keep the initial MES vision and current implementation reality in concert. Avanceon has the ability to help manufacturers define MES standards and practices that provide the overall structure and strategy for corporate wide rollout and adoption.

IT Troubles – We go the extra mile; you get where you want to go.
Implementation Rock Star Moment
We were hired to implement an MES system for our client, not to troubleshoot their IT ecosystem. But there’s only one factor that defines success for Avanceon: it’s the success of our customers. That’s why we went the extra mile to help solve their IT infrastructure issues. We supported them throughout the troubled times, worked closely with their tech staff, and helped determine a bad SAN was the cause of the problems. They fixed the SAN, and the instability disappeared and the system rocked on. More moments

MES Solutions

Avanceon’s MES solutions address the key areas of a manufacture’s functions (Operations, Performance, and Quality).  These key modules encompass the following functions:

Work Order Execution
Recipes & Specification
Electronic Batch Records
Batch / Lot Tracking
Procedural Steps
Utilization & Downtime
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Labor Tracking
Statistical Process Control
Lab Integration
HACCP Management
Regulatory Compliance
Line and Run Check Points


MES to ERP Integration

Information technology plays a vital role in the success of any enterprise today and that is particularly true in manufacturing. Avanceon helps companies close the technology gap that exists between the manufacturing floor and the enterprise’s information and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP). From strategic technology planning, to the establishment of internal practices and standards, to managing and executing Information Technology projects, Avanceon is an experienced partner ready to help you with your information technology needs.


Mobile Computing Solutions for Manufacturing

Today’s level of mobile and tablet technology allows operators to create, access, process, store and communicate information without being constrained to a single location. The improvements in information accessibility enabled by mobile computing result in improved information flow both to and from the central fixed information system. Mobile computing is made possible by portable computer hardware, software, and communications systems that interact with a non-mobile organizational information system while away from the normal, fixed workplace. Mobile computing is a versatile and strategic technology approach that improves information quality and accessibility, increases operational efficiency, and enhances management effectiveness.


MES Application Extensions

In the real world every manufacturing operation is different and so is every operator. Understanding these real world challenges, Avanceon designs and integrates software that meets the needs of the customer through extension off of the MES software platform. There are times when a packaged MES solution fixes 90% of the business problem. To address a complete solution it is very important that you choose an MES Integrator that has the abilities to implement a solid off the shelf package and close any customer specific gaps where needed. At Avanceon we do just that – we have a vast library of standard modules to choose from. We assess the business needs and fit the correct solution to the business problem using a best in class approach. Our MES solutions for manufacturing help our clients solve any kind of problem related to scheduling, lot tracking, inventory control, order management, equipment optimization, production execution, maintenance management and total quality control.

Avanceon supports a variety of MES modules from multiple platforms, with an emphasis on AVEVA’s (formerly Wonderware) Operations, Performance, Quality, Supply Chain Connector and Visualization. In addition, Avanceon supports Inductive Automation, GE, OSI Pi and Siemens Simatic IT.