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Renown for editorial excellence, Automation World covers the entire spectrum of industrial automation technologies, software and devices. AW reports on developments in discrete manufacturing, batch/hybrid processing and continuous process operations and also produces the annual Automation World Conference & Expo.

Where MES Provides the Most Value – 1.15.24

How manufacturing execution system technology provides the data context, data access and data insights to help operators and plant leadership deliver results and improve upon them daily.
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Digital Transformation: What Manufacturers Should Expect from Integrators – 10.02.23

Early discussions between integrators and manufacturers that focus on too many preconceived approaches or preconfigured software can limit capabilities, lead to a lack of engagement and impact the success of the program before it starts.
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MES: The Plant Floor Data Translator – 08.14.23

Manufacturing execution systems have long been recognized as middleware between plant floor control systems and enterprise systems. But they also serve as a middleman for data translation and structuring plant floor data for use by MES applications.
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A System Integrator’s View of Digital Transformation – 04.03.23

Learn more about Digital Transformation through the lens of expert Bruce Slusser. Here he talks about his thoughts on where the space is going, where he sees it going, what to watch out for on your Digital Transformation journey and the best time and project situation to consider working with an expert.
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Controller Upgrade Strategy – 02.13.23

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines when swapping out PLC hardware will only get you part of the way to a successful controller upgrade. I/O card issues, rack space, communications, and octal to decimal conversions are also important.
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The Many Considerations of HMI Upgrades – 12.08.22

Upgrading human-machine interface hardware and software amid industry’s digital transformation is rarely the direct replacement process it once was. System integrators offer valuable insights into evaluating your options.
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Assessing Industrial Controller Options – 04.15.22

Learn the key differences among programmable automation controllers, programmable logic controllers, and industrial PCs.
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Palletizer Upgrade? It’s likely overdue – 03.28.22

Though often taken for granted, palletizing systems are a critical plant asset that should not be neglected when it comes time to make automation upgrades.
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A Solid Foundation for Design – 01.24.22

Often, limitations in time, staff, and resources lead companies to skip the design phase when pursuing automation projects. However, doing so can be extremely detrimental.
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