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Discrete Manufacturing is the creation of a product from individual, identifiable components. In this process there are many individual or “discrete” components, processes and machines that make up the final product. The assembly of numerous items into a sellable product is a discrete manufacturing process but in the end each item of the assembly is still identifiable.

The Discrete Manufacturing process requires the control of the assembly equipment as well as the ability to track and manage the individual components of the assembly. Avanceon’s solutions in Discrete Manufacturing extend beyond the control of equipment. Our solutions manage inventory, track production material, provide production records and reports, and interface with operators.

Improve Your Discrete Industries Manufacturing

Typical discrete manufacturing is highly reliant on machines, vision systems and robotics to provide the needed level of hands off manufacturing. As a result, Avanceon provides complete mechanical design and integration services. Our mechanical solutions start at the requirements level with a need to understand the business problem to then translate into an overall design of the machine or process area. Key components and processes are often prototyped and demonstrated prior to final approval. Once the design is approved Avanceon will build the machine and completely test it prior to integration with the rest of the equipment. Once assembled the overall line or operation is staged and tested in an integrated manner. Upon completion of integration testing, Avanceon’s team of mechanical engineers will follow the system to the field for commissioning and final acceptance.


Discrete Industries Solutions

Avanceon delivers a wide variety of solutions to the discrete industries market including:

PLC and HMI/SCADA software development, including process automation, packaging lines, and machine control.
MES integration, including order entry and tracking, reporting, OEE calculation, and interface to ERP systems.
Automation consulting services, including platform upgrades, standards definition, production rate analysis and process optimization, and many other topics.
Electrical Design and fabrication of control panels.
Specification development, including collaboration to define User Requirements, as well as Functional and Design Specifications.

Vision Integration

Another key component of Discrete Manufacturing is the use of vision solutions to address and adjust the quality and efficiency of integration. A few of the applications where Avanceon leverages visions systems are for quality inspection, tolerance confirmation, and part orientation. These systems have the ability to process differences and make control decisions in fractions of seconds. Avanceon’s engineers understand how to address the issues that cause vision systems to miss expectations (lighting, line conditions, orientation, etc.) and have integrated risk mitigation approaches into our overall design. Our systems work in concert with the overall control philosophy and integrate into the complete discrete manufacturing approach to automation.
In short, Discrete Manufacturing occurs in every market segment. Cars, cell phone, computer, books, and all packaging of food, pharmaceutical, and other consumer products are the result of Discrete Manufacturing. Avanceon is adept at delivering a progressive and integrated solution to those unique challenges.


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