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Challenging Labor Shortages: Options to Mitigate

In today’s age, we are vastly approaching a crisis. The manufacturing and industrial world is challenged with a limited number of employees wanting to work in the industry. Furthermore, Baby Boomers, the main knowledge base in factory operations, are retiring. These experienced people are so seasoned in their ways that they often have not taken the time to document exactly what they accomplish, and most importantly what their tricks of the trade are, day in and day out. Thus, institutional knowledge retires with the Boomers and is not passed to the next generation.
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MES Enablement: The Universal Translator

MES is a critical component of the Operational Technology stack. It provides the ability to optimize the manufacturing process through applications such as OEE, SPC and Track and Trace that leverage real time data from the factory floor and puts it in context for the business of running a plant. Accurate and consistent plant floor data is the key to make it all hum. That’s where MES Enablement comes in.

MES Enablement is essentially the middleman for the data translation. All occurring data that takes place on the factory floor is scooped up, standardized, processed, and structured in a concise format through the MES Enablement layer before it is sent to the MES applications. The purpose is to maintain a consistent look and feel for all gathered information from every piece of equipment, on every site, in each line that has MES functionality.
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Breaking the Mold: Our Approach to Digital Transformation

From Top to Bottom

Digital Transformation (DX) can be a confusing topic for many companies. Some may assume it involves large-scale overhauls, when in reality it can be as simple as a minor change to the way you present the information, that is already displayed on an interface. In this blog, we share our approach to DX, which encompasses strategy to cover all aspects of the transformation process that can be applied regardless of the scale of your initiative.
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A Greenfield OT Experience

Building a large greenfield (new plant) and implementing OT innovation is a thrilling business and a great opportunity for a manufacturer. However, it’s important to take the right approach to get buy in and not loose people over the time it takes to complete the project. After establishing that you’ve found the right integration partner for the job, the next step is to take the opportunity to select particular OT functions to get the full value towards your upcoming product. Let’s begin by going through the Avanceon approach to OT for greenfields.
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Analytics Possibilities

Data is today’s currency; however, people are still trying to figure out how to accumulate this new type of capital. Many manufacturers and industrial facilities have reams and reams of raw data, but still struggle to determine how to make the best use of it. This is a common struggle among companies that are looking to take the first steps of analytics. Typically, they are unsure of the best way to begin or how they can find a return on investment. Whether it’s trying to get a better handle on what happened, understand why it happened, gain an insight into what will happen or get a direction and guidance on the best course of action given the current circumstances, many companies are attempting to drive more information out of their existing raw data.
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