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Live Demos in a Web Seminar: A Refreshing Change to Solving Real World Problems

Since Covid -19 web seminars and webcasts have become an even larger and more integral part of our lives.  They have been a welcomed source of information and sharing that has amplified societies success to learning in a virtual world. While it’s great to get more information served to you from the comforts of your home office, the unintended consequence of the web-sharing infusion has been an overdose of PowerPoint slide shows.  In many of the casts there is limited “real meat” to chew on from a technology perspective.
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OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: OT Vision Planning: Forward planning prevents regret when looking backward

The OT world is moving.  Fast.  So fast that many struggle to clean up yesterday’s messes while trying to manage todays.  Few are able to consider tomorrow, yet alone sit down and create a plan for the next 3 to 5 years.
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Manufacturing Innovation – Who do the little guys turn to?

In today’s world, small to mid-sized manufacturing companies are in a difficult spot when they consider how to take the correct steps towards adopting new technology or business processes.  They do not have easy access to industry experts and consultants like their bigger siblings in Fortune 1000 ranks.  Based on this gap in exposure, they often struggle to get insight into trends, opportunities and innovation for where to best invest. To confuse the issue further, they are bombarded by a myriad of technology vendors with point solutions that are very specific to a particular need but do not provide a cure for all that ails them.  They know they should tweak and tune their manufacturing processes, but struggle to transition their business from the prior manufacturing approaches to those of a lean culture.
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Questions for every manufacturer to be prepared for support before COVID-19 impact

It’s a tense time for all of us. COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way we work, socialize, travel, exercise and shop. One of the things that has struck me, as I‘ve adjusted to communicating with neighbors (at a distance) and friends and colleagues strictly by phone and video conferencing, is everyone’s willingness to help one another, as best we can, given the circumstances.
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Bring Your Training Out of the Dark Ages

Compared with the luxuries of our current age, Medieval Europe doesn’t seem very enticing.  But despite rampant disease and famine, the craftsmen of the Middle Ages were able to pass on skills and knowledge vital to their survival and ensure a steady stream of skilled artisans through apprenticeships. The word apprentice literally means “someone learning,” and a Medieval apprentice acquired both hands-on techniques and mental habits from years of training from a master.
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