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Milking Existing Infrastructure: How Dairies Can Achieve Industry 4.0-like Results

Are you frustrated with all this talk of Industry 4.0, while you are struggling to keep the lights on?

Are you being asked to produce more products and product variants while grappling with reductions in staff and budget?

Is it getting harder to find replacements for those antiquated PLCs on eBay?

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Addressing People Development with a 360° Approach

So, you need to expand or introduce a new production line to prepare for projected increased sales. You begin by identifying the capital needs, their costs and the subsequent ROI. Corporate approves the funding and you begin to seek qualified vendors to provide both materials and services. All of this fits into your budget so you issue POs and the race is on.
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Project to Consulting – Evolution of an Engineer

Are you born as a consultant, graduated from an institution of higher learning as a consultant, or does the “High Wizard of Consultation” bestow this title upon you? Likely, it’s none of the above. While the path from a project focused engineer to a consultant can vary, it’s more than likely that you’ll evolve into a consultant over time.
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Listening – An Engineer’s Greatest Skill

PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA Systems are all great tools. On their own, each has plenty to offer. PLCs have massive sets of I/O and specialty cards, support large memory formats with advanced features for the most demanding control applications. SCADA systems and HMIs have a dizzying array of finely developed 3D objects, clean high-performance graphics, advanced trend and alarm objects, and slick new navigational methods. You can hardly go wrong selecting products from any of the major players: Rockwell, AVEVA, Schneider, Siemens, and GE, not to mention several lesser-known names. And while chock full of all that there is to technically offer, typically a system’s success hinges not on the tool themselves, but on the skills the operations teams possess and how they use each tool. In fact, your most important tool might be your listening skills!
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How to Develop the Next Generation of Engineers

Children are natural engineers. They love building and taking things apart. Their innate curiosity about the world around them creates the perfect opportunity to introduce and explore what it is that engineers do.
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