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DESIGN PLANNING: A Solid Foundation for Design

Just like when you build a house, before you do anything on an automation effort, no matter how great (or small) the task, you should always start with a solid foundation. In the manufacturing automation and information system world that foundation is design.
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The (Virtual) Grand Tour: Getting Creative with Restrictions

There is no doubt that recent circumstances around the coronavirus and related restrictions have required service companies, like Avanceon, to pivot, adjust and adapt to answer the question, “How can we operate in a way that delivers the same (or better) level of service to our customers?” One way, is to use the tools we already have, in new and creative ways.
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Short on Resources? The Benefits of Bringing in a Partner for Assessment and Project Planning

Manufacturers are short on time.  They have goals, ideas and plans in abundance, but lack the time and perhaps someone to lean and rely on to realize their objectives.  Operational and cost constraints have resulted in reduced staff for many companies, sometimes creating gaps in knowledge.  While they used to be able to plan initiatives for improvements internally, now they’re pulled in too many different directions.  How can these manufacturers maximize opportunities for improvement when time isn’t on their side?
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Goldilocks and the Three Phases: How developing phases is all about balance

Did you know that Goldilocks was an automation engineer?
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Crucial Conversations: How to Communicate in Critical Situations

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charles “Tremendous” Jones
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