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Building a Digital Knowledge Infrastructure

We’ve been hearing for a while about the growing experience gap that manufacturers face, as the longest-tenured operations experts claim their gold pocket watches and head off into the sunset. This is true for engineers, technicians, and operators who represent a trifecta of wisdom that manufacturing companies will be hard pressed to replace.
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Continued Learning Part 2 – Enter the MOOC

MOOC is a term that’s still new for a lot of people, though the concept of online learning is certainly well established. A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, although the term is sometimes also applied to the platforms and companies that offer them. It’s all right there in the name – these are courses designed for a potentially unlimited number of students, available to anyone, via the web.
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Building a Culture of Continuous Learning – Part 1

Over the years, whenever a conversation would turn to topics like continuing education, I would always get a chuckle in response to my standard answer: “The most important thing I learned in school is never to go back.” Looking back, it wasn’t terribly funny, and the laughs were probably just polite.
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Launching Your Career – Career Blog Series Pt 3

Not completely sure if this blog is a hip hangout for those in the under-20 set, but maybe it will go viral. That’s a good thing, right?
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Staying – Career Blog Series Pt 2

In my “Do What You Want” blog, I proposed that the perceived need to job hop every few years is a false one, and that it’s actually doing us harm by creating stress and making us leave perfectly good jobs.
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