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Many of the critical production, people and process issues that impact the efficiency of manufacturers are caused by problems that often can be solved by having a different set of experienced eyes look at the operations and develop a strategy and approach to address them. The problems range far afield but often can be addressed with the right perspective and commitment of time towards a solution.


Based on our 30+ years of experience in real world, boots on the ground manufacturing problem solving, Avanceon offers Operational and Technology consultations to address both large and small lingering problems. These problems may include issues that can be solved with automation and data solutions but, more often than not, they are based on applying some practical experience to a “non-technical” solution.


The consulting, investigating and discovery process yields a clear and concise picture of the manufacturing environment’s current state (be it manual or not yet optimized). Based on this baseline; planning, recommendation and envisioning of solutions are able to be defined and shared. This roadmap / opportunity list can include solutions that address gaps in automation, process, information systems, operational structure and allocation, visibility, organizational workflow, and mobile innovations. Upon completion of the consulting phase, the customer will have a 360 degree view of their process and people with a plan to transform their efficiency by executing against the recommendation.


This offer is for Avanceon to provide our senior consulting expertise to assess your current manufacturing process, people and technology and develop a Gap report of the operations with a recommendation plan to address each item to improve your overall operational performance.


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