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Renown for editorial excellence, Automation World covers the entire spectrum of industrial automation technologies, software and devices. AW reports on developments in discrete manufacturing, batch/hybrid processing and continuous process operations and also produces the annual Automation World Conference & Expo.

Defense Against the Dark (PID Tuning) Arts – 03.22.21

Learn more about the intricacies of PID Tuning and the questions that can plague System Integrators even after tuning a loop.
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The Journey of Reviving an Un-Commented Code – 02.15.21

Discover the six steps you should take when you hit a major roadblock re-writing an old PLC.
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Is the Cloud Beneficial for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers?

Learn how manufacturers are actually using cloud computing today and how it can be leveraged for optimal application by smaller manufacturing organizations in this discussion with Brian Fenn, COO of system integration company Avanceon.
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Manufacturing Innovation – Who Do The Little Guys Turn To? – 12.21.20

Learn how organizations like the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center are working to close the manufacturing innovation gap which impacts many small to mid-sized manufacturing companies.
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