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Bruce Slusser leads Avanceon’s ever expanding Digital Transformation (DX) practice. Having a long history of solving an array of software solutions within the OT and IT layers of automation, Bruce naturally embraced the field of Digital Transformation implementing scores of solutions through the years. That experience has provided significant perspective and a forward looking view of where the future of Digital Transformation is heading. As time progresses, he predicts that Digital Transformation will grow and further expand into various industries.

Digital Transformation is a process that society and humanity is engulfed in. As the human race moves into the future, society will further harness efficient energy, create smart cities, manage health risks, and make transportation more efficient/grant easier access. Bottom line, through Digital Transformation, we are changing the way people interact with technology, heading towards a new world.
Similarly, the manufacturing and industrial world is naturally progressing towards Digital Transformation. No longer can one simply focus on putting a product out the door. We now have the technology to predict and prevent problems, improve the overall system approach, strategize how to manage production cost, and lessen waste. With Digital Transformation it’s about knowing rather than making guesswork decisions.
One of Bruce’s biggest concerns for Digital Transformation is that it is often underutilized or incomplete. Most companies focus on upgrading and, once the project or program is complete, promptly forget about the human element of adoption. Frequently, this critical part is overlooked or not fully leveraged allowing the system to become forgotten. Thus, the true value of a new upgrade is lost. It’s imperative to educate and properly support the people in the organization after the transformation to ensure the facility truly understands what the new process entails and the possibilities it exposes.
Furthermore, the phrase “Digital Transformation” can mean different things to different people. For example, it can be a small process change on the plant floor or something as large as a full-scale multi-manufacturing facility upgrade. Regardless, the actual transformation is approached with similar tenants and milestones. The missed step in many programs is to tie the project, regardless of the size, to the overall transformation plan.
Bruce indicated that it is best practice to work with an experienced DX implementation partner at the planning and requirement phase of a project. If engaged early in the process, the partner can provide insight, coaching, direction, and risk management techniques to ensure the customer realizes their full DX potential. Throughout the process the partner coaches/educates the customer about their newly installed technology platforms, showing them how it operates, and ensure they fully understand and adopt its capabilities.
Regardless of the phase of your individual DX journey Bruce encourages a commitment to the effort as the potential for operational improvement is limitless. Many manufacturers are taking the steps towards digital operations as it adds a competitive advantage to their business. At the risk of being left behind, those steps don’t have to be difficult and insurmountable. Working with an experienced partner is a great way to engage and get the ball rolling.

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