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Avanceon’s Culture: ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’

Many companies claim to have a great culture, but would their employees agree? I believe that Avanceon’s culture is inspiring, and I’m going to tell you what makes us different. The term culture might be often over-used, but as Avanceon’s in-house recruiter, it’s a large part of what I do. Finding candidates that fit our culture is an important part of successful hiring.

‘Culture’ is a company’s values, beliefs, assumptions, interests, experiences and habits that come together to create the environment that surrounds you at work. This powerful element molds your work enjoyment, your work relationships, and your work processes.
Avanceon’s culture is defined by our executive team, and mirrored by the people that we hire. As a ‘work hard – play hard’ company, our strength lies in our ability to find and keep employees that recognize the value of a job well done and strive to give 100%. We also value our fun. On any given day, you may find a group playing ping pong, at an after-hours craft brew sampling, or at a team-focused trivia event. Engineers, human resources, sales, finance, and the executive team come together to both serve our customers and celebrate our successes at office anniversaries, holiday parties, Phillies games, and picnics—just to name a few! We often look for opportunities to cook out and enjoy each other’s company.
Our ‘work hard, play hard’ culture is one of the many things that we take pride in and drives our success both individually and as a team.
How would you describe the culture at your workplace? Does it inspire you to give your all? Does your company value fun? Drop us a line and let us know!


Rahul Dave

I agree with you Lori! There are very companies out there which have really a great culture. I witnessed this great culture during my time there, when it used to be Advanced Automation. Good to know that the trend is not changed.

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