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Cubicle Decor: There’s no place like Home (Office)

Everyone spends a significant amount of time at their desks and in their offices. It’s conceivable to me that people are, on average, spending more time working than doing pretty much anything else during the week. Personally, I try to make my workspace feel more like my home-space so that I feel more comfortable and motivated. I find that being surrounded by things that make me happy lead to productivity, efficiency, and a positive overall attitude. You may think I’ve gone overboard with my workspace (I’ve got your standard photos and tchotchkes of course, but I also made my own fabric wallpaper and hanging mobile!). But here are a few things that even the DIY-averse can easily do to make themselves more comfortable at their desks:

  • Raise your computer to eye level – It’s ergonomically easier on the neck AND better for your eyes. Remember to position your screen and work materials directly in front of you to avoid turning your head too much.
  • Add a lamp to create instant warmth – Especially for those of us who don’t have an outside-facing seat, try getting a full-spectrum bulb to simulate natural light.
  • Keep your s#!t organized – Use cups, bowls, trays, etc. to sort your office supplies. Utilize the vertical space of your walls with hanging options and pushpins. Just remember to maintain a clean working area!
  • Make your office chair more comfortable with a pillow – A lumbar pillow for ergonomic purposes is the best option, but you can also get one that visually or texturally appeals to you.
  • Change your computer background to something that’ll put a smile on your face when you close your tabs.
    And for the creative folks :

  • Set out trendy and beautiful office supplies.
  • Go green with desk-friendly plants.
  • Add decorative pushpins to turn your fabric walls into a bulletin board.
  • Transform boring drawers with contact paper.
  • Hang photos in color coordinated picture frames.
  • Invest in coasters to keep your desk stain-free.
  • Don’t disregard sense of smell – tuck a small air freshener into a drawer for a pop of pleasant fragrance.
    Now get comfy! And be productive!
    Image Source: iconicbestiary

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