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Get up and move!

Have you ever sat down at your desk only to realize several hours later: What? It’s already time for lunch? I just sat down.

Have you ever thought about how sitting for hours on end may be affecting your health even if you exercise regularly outside of work? With a few key strokes, you can find endless articles on the internet warning you of the health risks associated with excess sitting. Such risks include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and premature death, to name a few. You may be thinking that those risks don’t apply to you because you exercise daily. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Daily exercise doesn’t offset the health risks caused from prolonged sitting.
What can you do to break the sitting cycle? Here are a few suggestions:
• Stand: Yep, it’s that simple! Get up from your chair and stand several times each hour. Standing jump starts processes in your body that have stalled from sitting too long.
• Walk: Take a walk around your workplace. Stop by to ask a coworker a question rather than sending an email. Walk the scenic route to your next meeting. These extra steps will help you burn a few extra calories and increase your energy level.
• Stretch: Stretch your arms above your head. Lift and stretch your legs. Point then flex your toes. Stretching is an easy way to break the sitting cycle and improve flexibility and circulation.
Let’s leave the…What? It’s already time for lunch? I just sat down…in the past. Let’s stand up, walk around, and get moving!
What do you do to get moving during your workday?
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