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With the disruption of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself with time to catch my breath and reflect on what matters most to me. In the stillness, it became quite apparent that I had much to be grateful for during this unsettling time.As I embraced all that I was grateful for in my personal life, I began to think of my coworkers. I thought about how they made a positive impact on me through their words of thanks and encouragement, team player and can-do attitudes, and willingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Gratitude in the workplace improves company culture, strengthens teams, motivates associates, increases job satisfaction, and creates a positive work environment, to name just a few benefits

While I’m grateful for my co-workers, it’s heartening to know that my workplace also appreciates me. One of the many ways that Avanceon practices gratitude is through its Employee Recognition Award program. One of my favorites from the list below is the Above and Beyond award which offers the opportunity for peer-to-peer recognition for expressing thanks. Awards are presented during company celebration meetings. During these weekly meetings, senior management announces and congratulates award recipients and all share hearty rounds of applause. As an extra thank you, each recipient receives an Amazon gift card. The award categories include:

Above and Beyond: Awarded peer-to-peer for going above and beyond in the pursuit of success
Agility: Awarded for support of internal advocacy group initiatives
Champion: Awarded for excellence in the sales process
Customer Rock Star: Awarded for striving to uphold the customer rock star brand promise
Fundamental: Awarded for exceptional evidence of supporting fundamental values
Productivity: Awarded for streamlining processes that save time and money
Quality Assurance: Awarded for quality in following declared processes
Quality Control: Awarded for quality in terms of low defects
WOW: Awarded for exceptional performance as deemed by the company president

In addition to awards, Avanceon shows gratitude to its employees through celebratory events, holiday parties, barbeques, team building events, family outings, flexible work schedules, work from home opportunities, and much, much more.
How does your employer show gratitude and appreciation to you? And how do you show gratitude toward your co-workers?
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