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New Year Resolutions for Control Engineers

As 2016 comes to an end and we mentally prepare ourselves for the struggle to date everything 2017, it’s time once again for that time-honored tradition: New Year’s resolutions!
We recently asked our control engineers to give us some resolutions they are making for 2017. Here’s what they came up with:

1. Get rid of all my paper notes, lists and scribbles and move to OneNote
2. Take (and pass) the Certified Automation Professional exam
3. Stop making lists
C. Be more consistent
7. Learn how to count
6. To know the difference between a PID and a P&ID and never get them crossed up.
7. To keep all my emails as short as possible while still maintaining clarity and accuracy.
8. Help clients to fully identify the functionality of the system of their dreams. Too many times clients haven’t realized just how much new MES and PLC programming can benefit them.
9. Bringing as much as I can to the table in the beginning of the project will more clearly define the scope and keep the project successful.
10. Get out from behind the desk. A desk job can be cushy but around the holidays so am I.
11. Learn more keyboard shortcuts to become less dependent on the mouse.
12. Defrag my hard drive more often.
13. Take the time to appreciate how cool my job is and how amazing the systems are that I work on.
Do you have a New Year’s resolution of your own to share?

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