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Staying – Career Blog Series Pt 2

In my “Do What You Want” blog, I proposed that the perceived need to job hop every few years is a false one, and that it’s actually doing us harm by creating stress and making us leave perfectly good jobs.

So you may not be surprised to learn I’m a stay-er. I’ve been with Avanceon for 22 of my 27 years in the workforce, and it’s worked out pretty well for me. Having spent so much time at one company may narrow my perspective somewhat, but I know an awful lot about what it’s like to work for one company.
Like many tech companies, Avanceon competes in a dynamic, evolving market. The need to constantly stay ahead of the curve in efficiency, customer service, quality, and technical competency means that there’s not a lot of grass growing under our feet. I’ve joked with another long-term inmate that working at Avanceon for so long provides all the stimulation of a new job every few years without the hassle of boxing up your stuff.
Staying is fun because you get to see the company mature, while at the same time you get to be a part of its history. While taking one of our newer engineers on a plant tour recently, I was able to say: “your grandfather designed that control panel over there”. Neat!
I’m aware that I’ve been fortunate to work at a company that provides long-term stability combined with dynamic change, and not everyone gets that opportunity. But if you do, I strongly recommend you consider staying.
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