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Good Team Members are Great Assets

Some of the best things about working 40 hours every week is that we are surrounded by colleagues and friends. And, even better, sometimes our colleagues become our friends! Below is a list of ways to be a top team member and how your team efforts can significantly impact the workplace in a positive way.

1. Volunteer – Volunteering, especially for a variety of tasks, demonstrates you are motivated and willing to help, even when it’s not necessarily your responsibility. This show of initiative will not only benefit your team, but your own professional development too.

2. Create Relationships – Everyone wants to feel included and involved. It’s important to remember that your colleagues are people too who have families and friends outside of work. By bonding and relating to your colleagues you can foster a community of trust and acceptance.

3. Be proactive – This skill demonstrates that you are motivated and a habitual hard worker. In addition, it shows leadership and organizational skills. Not to mention, proactive teammates earn respect much faster from their colleagues.

4. Be present – When you are at work, even virtually, be mentally at work. People want to know that you are attentive and that you care about work, even if it’s not your specific project.

5. Be mindful of others – This tip really goes for all human interaction. Be conscious of your words and feelings of others. It’s impossible to know everything that a colleague may be experiencing, so be flexible and supportive before being harsh and judgmental.

Being a more engaged team member will not only positively impact your career but also creates a greater sense of fulfillment.
I will not be so cliché as to say “teamwork makes the dream work” but it definitely doesn’t hurt it!
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