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What makes a great company culture? At Avanceon, we have a defined set of fundamentals that reflect what is truly important to us as a company. These core values form the bedrock of our company culture. While each of our fundamentals is important to the overall culture of our company, my personal favorite is: “Work hard, play hard.”

The phrase can be traced as far back as 1827, and some claim it is a corruption of the Puritan phrase “Work hard, work harder” (I think ours is much better). In 2016 a Biology professor from Queens University surveyed 1,400 people and found a correlation between an attraction to achievement and attraction to leisure, more or less adding scientific merit to “work hard, play hard.” At Avanceon, however, our fundamental is more about rewarding success. We define the phrase “work hard, play hard” as “working hard to create opportunities to have fun and celebrate our success.” As someone who travels frequently, I find this to be a crucial motivator when the hours are long and the work is difficult.

“Work hard, play hard” in conjunction with one of our other fundamentals, “Be a Buddy” (which emphasizes openness and inclusiveness), lead to valuable team building that grows necessary trust and rapport with our coworkers. While there are several benefits to our “work hard, play hard” philosophy, the bottom line is that Avanceon is a fun place to work with like minded people.

What’s your company’s fundamental that you most closely identify with?  Use the comment section below to give your thoughts.

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