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DATA ANALYTICS: Benefits of a Modern Dashboard for Manufacturing Plants

In today’s manufacturing world, data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in the decision making processes. Since the goal of any manufacturing plant is to produce the correct amount of product, as safely and efficiently as possible, Manufacturers need to constantly look for ways to continually improve. A modern dashboard is one such way to take raw production line data and present it in a way that it becomes useful information for various system stakeholders such as plant management, operations, and maintenance. This blog will go over some of the many benefits of a well-designed plant dashboard.
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Home Automation: No Engineering Experience Required

Here at Avanceon, we deal with automation on a daily basis. We work with controllers like PLCs to automate the operation of various devices like valves, pumps, and motors in order to help our customers efficiently and safely meet their production needs. In recent years automation capabilities have exploded outside of the manufacturing realm. Home automation is one of the areas where automation is being utilized daily by engineers and non-engineers alike.
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The Break-Fix Solution: Supporting an Automation System

Every automation system eventually develops a situation requiring advanced engineering support. This type of “break-fix support” may be due to any number of causes — power outages, server maintenance, operator error, etc. But no matter what the root issue turns out to be, sooner or later, every system will need it. And that’s why it’s equally sure that here at Avanceon, all our engineers will at some point find themselves helping to support customers and keep their manufacturing processes running.
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